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Twm Clwyd: 6. Mymryn Bach yn Lwcus
Liz Pichon
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Roald Dahl - Casgliad Mawr (14)
*Limited offer SAVE £15 - sale price of £50* A wonderful set of 14 classic Roald Dahl story books skilfully adapted into Welsh by Elin Meek. The collection includes adaptations of Dahl's most famous story books for children. This shrink wrapped book set would be a wonderful gift!
Pecyn Bargen - Merched
Three books for the price of two! Includes the following THREE picture books:- 1.  Cerys a Cariad a’r Syrpreis Pen-blwydd   2. Sglein, Merlen Hud yr Iâ   3.  Dyfala Faint Rydw i’n Dy Garu     Bargain book set reduced from £17.97 to £9.99!! Limited stock available.                      
Pecyn Cyfres Bys a Bawd
Bargain pack of two large and colourful, baby board books - Yr Enfys and Gwichian Gwych for the fantastic price of just £9.99! Have great fun feeling the different textures on the touch and feel pages throughout both books and Gwichian Gwych also has a red, noisy squeaker to press! Great value and only limited stock remaining.
Pecyn Darllen 10 Munud
Great value pack of 3 paperback books from the 10 minute reads series, including:- 1. Tân Mawr Pontypandy (Sam Tân)  2. Criw Antur Pontypandy (Sam Tân)  3. Tomos yr Arwr (Tomos Tanc)
Pecyn Annalisa: 1-4
Bargain pack of 4 titles in this loveable new series for just £19.99. Great value pack!
Pecyn Cyfres Twm Clwyd: 1-4
Fantastic value pack of the first 4 Twm Clwyd books, skilfully adapted into Welsh by the wonderful Gareth F. Williams. Great value for just £24.99!
Pecyn Dyddiadur Dripsyn: 1-5
A bargain pack of 5 books from the Dyddiadur Dripsyn series, including:- 1. Dyddiadur Dripsyn  2. y Brawd Mawr  3. Syniad Dwl dad  4. Haf Braf  5. Poenau Prifio
Pecyn Cyfres Hud yr Enfys
This set brings together the 7 books in this Rainbow Magic series, suitable for children aged 7 years +. Follow a fairy to the end of the rainbow! This great value pack includes: 1. Ceirios 2. Gwawr 3. Heulwen 4. Alaw 5. Glesni 6. Indeg 7. Grug, priced at 19.99 means that you get 2 free books in each pack.
Pecyn Llawn Cyfres Clem: 1-7
Bargain set of books for 29.99 - entire series of Cyfres Clem. Includes all 8 titles in this humorous and much loved series, translated by Luned Whelan.
Pecyn Cyfres Byd y Bwystfilod
Bargain set of all six Byd y Bwystfilod (Beastquest) books, with a free book included in each pack.
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