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Disney Back to Books: The Jungle Book

Age Group: 11+ 5+ 7+
Format: Hardback
Series: Disney

Author: Disney
Translator: Mared Llwyd
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Abandoned as a baby and raised by wolves, Mowgli grows up happily in the jungle, until man-eating tiger Shere Khan discovers where he is. Worried for his safety, Bagheera the panther leads Mowgli to the Man-village. On the way they meet a lovable bear called Baloo, but when Mowgli starts to embrace the bear’s carefree way of life, Bagheera worries the Man-cub is heading for danger. Adapted by Mared LlwydAn experienced primary school teacher, author and mother of two young children.The stories in this series have been carefully tailored to facilitate children's reading at home and in the classroom, in line with the National Literacy Framework in Wales.  
Product Details
Published Date: 3 October 2023
Genre: Children's English
ISBN 13: 9781804163573
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