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Age Group: 11+ 7+
Format: Paperback

Author: Emily Dodd
Translator: Sioned Lleinau

Description: A fact-packed book that teaches children all about energy and how it works. From electricity and light, to heat and sound, learn how different types of energy are part of everything we do. Discover how a rainbow is made, what renewable energy is,...
Age Group:
Format: Paperback

Author: Alice Oseman
Translator: Alun Saunders

Description: The bestselling Heartstopper graphic novel, now on Netflix, and now in Welsh! An LGBTQ+ story. Boy meets boy. Boys become friends. Boys fall in love. A bestselling LGBTQ+ graphic novel about life, love, and everything that happens in...
Age Group: 0+ 5+ 7+
Format: Paperback

Author: Tom Nicoll
Translator: Luned Aaron

Description: Buckle up for There's Nothing Faster Than a Cheetah. A laugh-out-loud funny picture book with vehicles and animals! Perfect for sharing together, this wonderfully wacky picture book is sure to get young readers giggling. With a bouncy,...
Age Group: 5+ 7+
Format: Hardback

Author: Dawn Sirett
Translator: Sioned Lleinau

Description: Build Vocabulary and Literacy Skills (Vocabulary Builders) hardback book. This picture word book of 1000 first words will broaden young children's vocabulary and strengthen their early reading and writing skills. Every picture-packed page is full of...
Age Group: 11+ 5+ 7+
Format: Hardback

Author: Elin Meek

Description: Welcome to the world of Welsh – a world full of words, colour, vibrancy and heart. Come on a journey to discover the treasures of the Welsh language, from the meaning of place names to idioms and proverbs. Explore the Eisteddfod field, learn...
Age Group: 0+ 5+ 7+
Format: Paperback

Author: Moira Butterfield
Translator: Nia Morais

Description: Maya and her dad love walking-whether it's a walk through woods full of wildlife, in the bustling streets, or at the local park, there is always lots to see, hear, touch, and smell. Join in as Maya finds fun ways to enjoy her walk, discovering...
Age Group: 0+ 5+ 7+
Format: Paperback

Author: Valériane Leblond

Description: Here are over 500 illustrations of familiar objects. Every picture is labelled with the English word, followed by its Welsh equivalent. The translated word is followed in turn by a phonetic spelling in smaller type. Words are grouped according to...
Age Group: 0+ 5+ 7+
Format: Paperback

Author: Campbell books
Translator: Lowri Head

Description: Introduce young children to the excitement of learning Welsh! More than 200 everyday Welsh words, an English–Welsh word list and bright child-friendly illustrations. A FREE audio on every page – a perfect opportunity to read, hear and...
Age Group: 0+ 5+ 7+
Format: Paperback

Author: Catherine Bruzzone
Translator: Elin Meek

Description: An interactive and colourful picture word book. It offers an effective and simple way to learn over 130 key Welsh words following the tried and tested method of 'look, cover and speak'. Using two wipe-clean flaps, arranged into 15 popular themes,...
Age Group: 0+ 5+ 7+
Format: Paperback

Author: Brendan Kearney
Translator: Awen Schiavone

Description: Eifion and Sboncyn's rainforest adventure. Eifion and his dog, Sboncyn, are exploring the towering rainforest. But a lonely little tapir and a lot of missing trees make them scratch their heads. Join Eifion and Sboncyn as they learn that they can...
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