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Educational Books > Primary School

Age Group: 0+ 5+ 7+
Format: Paperback

Author: Sophie Zayalet
Translator: Elinor Wyn Reynolds

Description: Rhys loves two things … fun afternoons at the fair and eating a bellyful of sweets! When mum promises both, he thinks it's his lucky day! Or is it... Come on a bright, bold, and big-hearted adventure with Rhys and his new friend, as he learns...
Age Group: 11+ 7+
Format: Hardback

Author: Siân Lewis

Description: This is the follow-up book to the 2016 Tir na n-Og award-winning title, Pedair Cainc y Mabinogi. Three key stories are featured in this book: 1. The Prince and the Giant's Daughter - The Tale of Culhwch and Olwen; 2. Lludd and Llefelys; 3. The...
Age Group: 0+ 5+
Format: Board book

Author: PAW Patrol
Translator: Catrin Wyn Lewis

Description: Brand New lift-the-flap board book, perfect gift for PAW Patrol fans aged 1, 2, 3 years and over.
Age Group: 0+ 5+ 7+
Format: Paperback

Author: Astley/Baker/Davies
Translator: Owain Sion

Description: Peppa and George aren't winning any prizes at school Sport's Day, but there's one more event to go, the boys versus girls tug-o-war! Join in all the fun!
Age Group: 0+ 5+ 7+
Format: Paperback

Author: Rob Biddulph
Translator: Casia Wiliam

Description: A powerful and standout sea-life story featuring one very small and determined blue whale from best-selling and award-winning author and illustrator Rob Biddulph. When his big brother gets stuck on the sand, Gigantic must save the day with his...
Age Group: 11+ 7+
Format: Paperback

Author: Holly Webb
Translator: Llio Elain Maddocks

Description: The second fantastic book in the series about four friends who want to make the world a better place. Izzy and Poppy are being taking their boisterous dog, Billy, for a walk when he lands in the river. It is so choked with rubbish that Billy can't...
Age Group: 11+ 7+
Format: Paperback

Author: Liz Pichon
Translator: Gwenno Hughes

Description: The tenth Welsh title in the bestselling series, from the brilliantly talented Liz Pichon. Here's my EXCELLENT PLAN to make MY band the BEST band in the WHOLE-WIDE WORLD! How hard can it be? (Very.) Right now I'm going to: 1. Write more songs. (Not...
Age Group: 0+ 5+ 7+
Format: Paperback

Author: Peter Bently
Translator: Aneirin Karadog

Description: A brilliantly bonkers story about an octopus who lives on the roof, by two award-winning and best-selling picture book creators. When a giant octopus arrives, the children LOVE their new friend; he makes the perfect slide and is fantastic at...
Age Group: 0+ 5+ 7+
Format: Paperback

Author: Adam Kay
Translator: Eiry Miles

Description: The first-ever picture book from Adam Kay and Henry Paker called Amy Gets Eaten. This is the hilarious (and admittedly a tiny bit gross) tale of Amy, a small piece of sweetcorn who is eaten by Noah, a medium-sized boy. The story follows Amy on her...
Age Group: 0+ 5+ 7+
Format: Paperback

Author: DK
Translator: Mahum Umer

Description: Introduce your little one to fables and fairy tales from around the world with this spellbinding series of books for children. Every day, an old woman fetches water from the river using two pots. One of the pots leaks, but the old woman sees the...
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