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Children's Books > Awen Schiavone (Translator)

Age Group: 0+ 5+ 7+
Format: Hardback

Author: Jarvis
Translator: Awen Schiavone

Description: Jarvis offers a moving tale of friendship, kindness, and acceptance, softly touching on the subjects of illness or hardship in a way that young children can understand. Everyone likes David, the boy with flowers in his hair. He's sweet and gentle,...
Age Group: 0+ 5+ 7+
Format: Board book + advent calendar

Author: Priddy
Translator: Awen Schiavone

Description: A fantastic gift purchase to celebrate the arrival of Christmas. At the back of the book you find an Advent calendar that extends on a gatefold and encourages readers to return to the book to open the numbered flaps every day. It also has...
Age Group: 0+ 5+
Format: Board book

Author: Priddy
Translator: Awen Schiavone

Description: With adorable farm animals to meet, furry textures to feel, and gentle rhymes to read together, this delightful book is sure to become a family favourite.
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